Web-based Masterclasses

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The Web-based Masterclasses are specifically designed to support participants in turning their ideas into successful project proposals through a flexible web-based learning.
These Masterclasses are completely online and divided into different modules to give the participants the possibility to attend them easily wherever they are and by any device.
A combination of special benefits available before, during and after the Masterclasses, ensures an exceptional learning experience to participants and a long-lasting interaction with the Expert.

Why people choose us?

  • I can give a very positive feedback on the course: it was extremely useful to me and the trainer a very knowledgeable and helpful interlocutorformat_quote
  • I really can recommend this course for experienced and less experienced EU project writers.format_quote
  • I acquired a clear understanding of Horizon 2020 as well as of methods for preparing and developing European projects.format_quote
  • Thanks to advice, suggestions and innovative methods I've been able to put in practice what I've learned!format_quote
  • The course was really helpful. There was enough time to solve all my concerns!format_quote
  • I strongly recommend this learning experience to those who is looking for well-organised and perfectly performed European training courses!format_quote
  • If someone is willing to learn the essence of planning and writing a successful proposal on EU funding I can highly recommend these training courses.format_quote
  • The good choice of the lecturer enhanced with the well planned hosting by the European Academy made this course a highly valuable and pleasant learning experience.format_quote
  • The course opened my eyes on different and revolutionary ways of working for proposals' preparation.format_quote
  • The trainer provided was brilliant. Thanks to the European Academy for the competent and available staff and the stimulating learning environmentformat_quote

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A One Stop Shop for European Projects where you can turn your project idea into reality and where your project can turn to excellence. MyEuropa is a meeting place for those working on European Projects. Where experienced professionals can offer their services and where the thousands of potential beneficiaries of European Funds can find the right support and resources. Where everybody can search for funding opportunities, promote ideas, ongoing and concluded projects, events, news...

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In order to develop skills and acquire knowledge, European Academy for Education and Social Research offers a set of e-learning courses on different topics: available in English, you can attend our online courses anywhere and anytime you want, to improve your competences in the area of European projects.

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