Nikolaos Floratos

Funding Expert, Trainer and Coach
European Commission Expert in Project Management of EU Projects and e-Accessibility services, Cyberall Access Ltd. Mr. Floratos mainly delivers courses on Successful Planning and Management of European Funded Projects as well as Effective Dissemination and Exploitation of European funded projects. He has also been engaged as expert from the European Commission on evaluating proposals requesting EC funding as well as reviewing EU projects since 2003 and he has managed so far more than seventy EU projects since 1997. He presents the most suitable mix as an EC expert and project manager with teaching experience. He has worked in six European countries and has cooperated and trained hundreds of individuals and organizations in successful proposal writing as well as project management of European funded projects.



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Stress free management practices and dealing successfully with auditing by the European Commission.

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Start early for exploiting successfully and easier the FP9, the successor of Horizon 2020.

Master the Recipe on Developing Successful Proposals and Projects based on European Funds - Classroom-based Masterclass

Transform yourself into a great proposal developer and multiply your personal income as well as the organisations/clients you are involved..

Lifelong Learning Evangelist, passionate, committed to results and not in theory

Nikolaos is ranked by Google and Linkedin in the top three positions as funding expert. His passion is education and training and his mission is to transform the life of individuals and make them better persons with his training. He is also a Phd researcher in student engagement and eLearning. He is a lifelong learner with B.Eng and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Communications from Imperial College, London, an MBA from National Technical University & Athens University of Economics and Business and recently completed his Bachelor of Arts in history of civilizations as a hobby. The last 10 years, he has transformed thousands of individuals from more than forty countries into successful grant application developers through outstanding training and coaching practices. He is the author also of the ebook "Who are the champions in Horizon 2020 and what you can learn from them" and he is also the host and organiser of the Horizon 2020 Virtual Summit ( the largest annual virtual training event with more than 35 top experts in Horizon 2020 as trainers and more than 2500 participants. He is an expert on behalf of the European Commission on evaluating and reviewing projects and proposals since 2003 and currently, through his research, he focuses on student engagement and he has proved that anyone can master even complicated subjects very fast by receiving training and support in an engaging way and with the proper instruction strategy. He delivers all his courses and seminars based on continuous interactions with his audience and based on “recipes” and practical steps that allow them to absorb easily what they should master and achieve extraordinary results very quickly. He has trained thousands of organisations, universities and research institutions from all over Europe on how to exploit successfully EU funds and has received more than 100 recommendations at his linkedin profile as a funding expert, coach and trainer. Recently, he has founded the Funding Expert Academy for transforming individuals into great grant application developers.

What is your current professional position? 

Funding Expert, Trainer and Coach

What learning achievements brought you to your current position?

  • Training experience since 2009
  • Phd research on student engagement
  • Training to thousands of individuals on exploiting successfully EU funds
  • Reading/listening one book per week
  • 100+ linkedin recommendations as EU funds trainer and coach

What were your previous work experiences?

Training on EU funds is my passion but I have been involved since 1997 as expert on exploiting EU funds and planning and managing EU funded projects. Also since 2003, I have been EC expert evaluating grant applications and EU funded projects.

Which are your main fields of expertise?

Transforming individuals into funding experts so that they can achieve financial freedom very quickly and advance the quality of their lifestyle.

Three words describing your professional attitude:

  • Lifelong Learning Evangelist, passionate, committed to results and not in theory

Can you disclose the main ingredients that bring excellence into your work? 

Making complex training concepts simple but not simpler by modelling how the champions are doing it and chopping down any training module into step-by-step actions. I call them recipes.

What has been your most important professional achievement until now?

Ranked by Google as #1 Funding Expert and have received more than 100 recommendations at Linkedin as EU funds expert/coach.

What are you currently working on?

Completing my Phd on student engagement.

What is the next important objective you desire to attain?

Become the most famous, attractive and well-established trainer on EU funds in Europe.

What are you doing for a better society?

Transforming individuals via my training into better persons by giving them a unique experience.