Philippe Schifflers

Marketing Manager / Online Marketing Consultant / Live instructor
Philippe has been working in the field of offline and online Marketing for over 10 years. Since his early career, Philippe has been involved with Social Media projects, being actively involved in the strategic and operational side. Philippe is a keen trainer and public speaker, and has given a large number of live trainings, and is also an online instructor in online learning platforms like Udemy. Philippe continues to contribute in numerous Social media projects, and is now developing his Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing strategic skills.



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Responsive, Committed, Solution-oriented

As an Online Marketer and Community Manager, Philippe has helped customers build an online presence by communicating better with their audiences, developing social media strategies, and implementing communication plans. These efforts meant for customers an improved reputation, becoming an authority in their industries, and gaining and retaining new customers.

Even though navigating through the Web sphere can be a challenging task, Philippe has helped companies communicate effectively on the web by setting up tailored solutions through a broad range of channels such as Blogs, Newsletters, and Social Networks, and using key tools like metrics, social media platforms, and news feed aggregators, just to mention a few.

He has also advised and trained Community Managers inside companies like Hablando de Empleo, Instituto de Finanzas y Empresas, and Marathon Running Tips, with additional projects currently being developed. His collaboration inside Communication Package helped in the development and fine tuning of important Websites and Platforms such as Hepcom, as well as other ongoing projects.

What is your current professional position? 

Marketing Consultant

What learning achievements brought you to your current position?

I have been involved in many Online Marketing projects, actively developing different key areas like social media, SEO, content marketing, newsletter campaigns, and analytics reporting.

What were your previous work experiences?

Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager.

Which are your main fields of expertise?

Digital Marketing, Training

Three words describing your professional attitude:

  • Responsive, committed, solution-oriented

Can you disclose the main ingredients that bring excellence into your work? 

Keeping up with the latest trends and knowing how to convey information have been key elements in my work.

What has been your most important professional achievement until now?

Upgrading the digital presence of one of my clients (new website, improved SEO, doubled presence on social media, weekly publishing of blog posts, improved open rates of mailing campaigns).

What are you currently working on?

I am currently developing inside the Translation and Localization industry.

What is the next important objective you desire to attain?

Develop an automated content program for lead-generation opportunities.

What are you doing for a better society?

I am also interested in Job seeking and employability area, where I have given numerous free courses for active job-seekers.