Edoardo De Marchi

Expert in the field of European funds and EU projects
Project manager and trainer in the field of EU projects especially focused on education and training, culture and media, tourism and local development.
Co-founder and member of board of a non-profit organization and expert in the design and implementation of educational projects and public initiatives aim to reinforce the local development.



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Analytical, Proactive, Self-entrepreneurial oriented

Edoardo de Marchi is an EU project manager and project writer, with a specific focus on education and training, media and culture, tourism and local development. His nationality is Italian, but he recently lived and worked in London. He is a trainer involved in the project design of educational training courses addressed to adult educators. Previously, he was a teacher and, as co-founder of a not-for-profit organization, he designed and launched some public initiatives for the cultural and sustainable development of local districts, in cooperation with other associations, schools and public entities.

What is your current professional position? 

My current professional position is freelance project manager

What learning achievements brought you to your current position?

The learning achievements that brought me to my current position are essentially my academic and postgraduate studies: I have a bachelor of arts degree, a master in cultural event management and two different specialisations in EU projects and fundraising. But the two most important things have been an intensive professional networking activity and the opportunity offered me to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

What were your previous work experiences?

My previous work experiences can be summarized as follow: teacher trainer care of public schools and educational training centers; co-founder of a not-for-profit organization; external collaborator of some private consultancy firms.

Which are your main fields of expertise?

My main fields of expertise are EU projects, project writing of call for proposals and call for tenders, formal and non-formal education and training, fundraising, project cycle management, cultural event planning, networking, sustainable tourism, art and culture.

Three words describing your professional attitude:

  • Analytical, proactive, self-entrepreneurial oriented

Can you disclose the main ingredients that bring excellence into your work? 

The main ingredients that bring excellence in my work are the added value of an international expertise, the special attention to details, the care given to the specific needs of my partners and target groups and a multidisciplinary approach.

What has been your most important professional achievement until now?

My most important professional achievements until now are working into an international team in the UK and the design and management of successful projects.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on the technical assistance for research and management of funding opportunities aimed to art and culture (beyond EU funds) for an Italian organization active in the field of performing arts.

What is the next important objective you desire to attain?

The next important objective I desire to attain is to start up my own company.

What are you doing for a better society?

For a better society I'm creating networks and new bridges among people from different European countries, strengthening the cooperation and mutual support.